Approved Products List

Products: This Approved Products List (APL) includes certain platforms and product providers that issue and/or offer their own products. These product offerings are included as “approved products” unless and until we notify otherwise. Where a platform appears on this APL, there can be a general assumption that all products available on that platform are also “approved products”.

Compliance: Our APL is for use by Longhou Capital Markets’ authorised representatives. Each advisor must act within the parameters of authorisation and competence. “Authorisation” refers to the products that an advisor is authorised to use in advising clients. “Competence” means the capacity of an Advisor (through education, experience, training and specific product knowledge) to provide appropriate advice to a client about the product, including its risks.

Licensee Registration: When you use a product for the first time (or have only used it under another licensee) you must confirm with the product provider that Longhou Capital Markets is a registered user and that you are an approved advisor by that product provider.

Products not on this APL: Under instructions from our PI Insurer, an advisor may not be covered for advising on products not included on the APL. If the client holds products, which are not on the APL, an advisor may a) obtain a release from the client, b) advise the client to switch the product into an approved product; c) seek Longhou Capital Markets’ approval to add the product to the APL, either as a single instance or generally.


1. Basic Deposit Products

    • Bank accounts at an Australian Bank
    • Savings accounts at an Australian credit union / Building society
    • Australian Credit Card accounts

2. Other Deposit Products

    • Fixed Interest Deposits
    • Cash Management Accounts
      • Adelaide Bank cash management trust
      • Macquarie cash management

3. Derivatives

    • All ASX listed options, warrants, futures and CFD’s
    • IG Markets Limited
    • Interactive Brokers
    • Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
    • CMC Markets
    • AMP Capital Notes *
    • Macquarie Bank Capital Notes *
    • Westpac Capital Notes *

*Capital Notes offerings are open to retail clients, however the Investment is a complex investment product. If you do not fully understand how they work, please seek advice from your financial adviser.

4. Foreign Exchange Contracts – Trading Platforms (Margin Foreign Exchange)

    • Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
    • CMC Markets

5. Debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government

6. Life Investment Insurance Products

    • BT Financial group
    • IOOF

7. Life Risk Insurance Products

    • All policies issued by Australian registered or APRA regulated Life Companies
    • IOOF
    • PPS Mutual

8. Managed Investment Schemes

    • Asgard Elements – Investments
    • Australian Capital Funds Management
    • Aviva Funds
    • BT Investment Funds
    • DDH Graham
    • Fund Management Gambit Misere
    • HUB24
    • Macquarie Bank Agi-Investment Facility
    • Macquarie Investments
    • Macquarie Wrap
    • MLC Master Key Investments
    • Vanguard Investment Funds
    • IOOF Pursuit Products
    • One Path
    • Valensworth Fund
    • Managed Investment Account Service

9. Margin Lending

    • ANZ ML
    • Bank SA Margin Lending
    • Leverage Equities Margin Lending
    • National Australia Bank Margin Lending
    • St George Margin Lending
    • Westpac Margin Lending

10. Retirement Savings accounts

11. Securities

    • All ASX Listed Securities
    • D2MX Trading Solution
    • HUB24
    • Morrison Securities Pty Ltd
    • Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
    • Open Markets
    • ANZ Share Investing
    • CMC Markets
    • Hybrid Securities
      • Qube Subordinated Notes
      • IAG Capital Notes

12. Superannuation

    • AMG Universal Super
    • Asgard – Super / Pension products
    • BT Financial Group
    • DIY Super Warrants
    • Macquarie Superannuation products
    • MLC Custom Superannuation
    • MLC MasterKey Business Super
    • MLC MasterKey Custom Self-Managed Super
    • MLC MasterKey Super
    • SMSF Investments into products on APL
    • IOOF
    • One Path

13. Products suitable for “Wholesale Clients” only

    • NAB Corporate Bond Service

14. Research

    • Skaffold Pty Ltd
    • Morningstar

15. Managed Discretionary Accounts

    • Netwealth Investments Limite